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  1. Miss do it all says:

    Ok Im a young mother of a gorgeous 3 yr old boy and a 1 yr old girl and also a step mom to a 6 yr old boy. I LOVE my children and would do anything for them. But right now im at a total loss. I have been battling my sons terrible 2 and 3′s and i am loosing FAST. I dont know what to do anymore and yes like any other human bv\eing i have lost patience and often had to step out to take a breather but now i am asking for anyones help. How can i truly deal with the tantrum, he is always crying because he wants it his way, he hurts his sister for attention he does everything he shouldnt do when im on the phone. OHH i forgot he is a total mommas boy. I cant go to the bathroom without him being there \, he will flush my toilet and ask if i peed or poop. Its become too much. I need to break that rope now before its too late. He wants me there all the time. I cant be doing anything if its not with him. I just need help. I will take any advice from any parent out there to help me through this battle..PLEASE

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